Art + the Brain      

An art making course designed to explore interactions and reflections between the science of the brain (neuropsychology and neuroscience) and fine art.  Students investigate topics that bridge these disciplines such as memory, perception, brain anomalies and identity. This is an opportunity for students to create work that explores or reflects on brain and behavior research.  Emphasis is placed on challenging students to develop a personal vision to creating work.  Themes in the course are reinforced by guests from the neuroscience and arts communities as well as readings, media presentations and fieldwork.  Students may work in any creative media (photography, painting, sculpture, electronic media, poetry, performance……∞).

Art and Biology (Carnegie Mellon)

A studio-laboratory art making course designed to explore interactions between art and biology.  It is an opportunity for students interested in interdisciplinary concepts to work both in a studio art environment and a biological laboratory.  This course involves travel.....with many field rips to labs, studios, greenhouses....and other places of wonder and inspiration. Students have the opportunity to experiment creatively with scientific media such as electron and video-probe microscopy. This is a media independent course - students may work in any creative media.              

I’ve been teaching this course for over a decade. It grew out of my own work as an instructor at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences. I am so fortunate to have students from a wide range of disciplines including- art, design, architecture, biology, chemistry, engineering and creative writing.

Sparta, Greece: Inquiry and Vision
(Carnegie Mellon)
Summer Study 10 units/ Fall Final Synthesis 3 units

A vehicle for cultural exchange between Carnegie Mellon and The Sparta Institute to foster exploration, collaboration, and integration among a wide-range of academic disciplines. This multicultural experience is an opportunity for students to develop an awareness of place through creative work. The emphasis is on direct experience, collaboration and process.  Work with faculty from Carnegie Mellon and Greece on individualized creative projects.  Projects may be in the form of an artwork, performance, creative writing, poetry or research paper.  This program was created together with Lowry Burgess and Dionysis Rigopoulos.